ZK TECO | Face Recognition | IFACE-800

ZK TECO | Face Recognition | IFACE-800


With the latest ZKTeco’s platform and algorithm, iFace800 can hold up to 1, 200 face and 2,000 fingerprint templates and ensure accurate and fast authentication.  Optional with RFID card, the customer has more choices to manage time attendance and access control. It also supports multiple authentication methods, including face, fingerprint, password, RFID card or their combinations, which make iFace800 more applicable. Multi-model communications consisted of RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB host and Wi-Fi/GPRS (optional) make data management extremely easy. Optional built-in 2000 mAh battery eliminates the trouble of power failure.

It fills your need of managing the time & attendance and access control conveniently.


Capacity: 1, 200 face and 2,000 fingerprint templates

Authentication methods: Face, Fingerprint,RFID and/or Password

Elegant ergonomic design

Intuitive touch screen GUI

Optional built-in backup battery provides approx. 4 hours continuous operation

Optional Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless connection

Built-in interfaces for third party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell

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