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Smarttech is a company in business and technology transformation. Our vision is helping businesses to solve their toughest challenges.

Smarttech offers advanced, cost-effective automatic identification solutions for business and industry. Smarttech is keen to delivering comprehensive systems and mission-critical tools that enhance productivity and the flow of information in today's complex business environment. Its drive for technological excellence coupled with unsurpassed attention to meeting customer needs clearly position Smarttech as the emerging leader in the automatic identification marketplace.


Smarttech specializes in customizable applications , providing barcode labeling and product identification systems; assets and inventory management solutions; job and warehouse tracking applications; and data capture systems by mobile computer (handheld) .
Smarttech specializes in printing solutions on plastic cards . Designs, markets a comprehensive range of printing systems and plastic card personalization solutions , ID badges, payment cards, transit passes, access badges, loyalty cards, student ID cards, national ID cards, and so much more.
Smarttech provider of security, access control , time management solutions and fingerprint access control .

Service and Support are the number one priority for Smarttech, which provides a customized blend of superior hardware design, quality manufacturing, and easy-to-use software applications tailored to meet the needs of clients .

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About Smarttech

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